Thursday, October 28, 2010

At a recent software...

At a recent software engineering management course in the US, the participants were given an awkward question to answer. "If you had just boarded an airliner and discovered that your team of programmers had been responsible for the flight control software how many of you would disembark immediately?"

Among the ensuing forest of raised hands, only one man sat motionless. When asked what he would do, he replied that he would be quite content to stay onboard.

With his team's software, he said, the plane was unlikely to even taxi as far as the runway, let alone take off.

How did ancient ...

Q: How did ancient egyptians travel ?
A: By pharoah plane.

In 1940 two men were...

In 1940 two men were flying from New York to Los Angeles on what was then a new DC-3. The left New York and when they landed in Philadelphia, a red truck drove up to put fuel into the wing.

A little while later, they landed in Pittsburgh and, again, a red truck pulled up to fill the tanks with fuel.

Each time they landed to discharge or take on passengers, a red truck would pull up and add fuel to the tanks. Finally, after landing in Kansas City and seeing truck pull up again, one said to the other, "we sure are making good time."

Said the other, "yes, we are, and so is that red truck!"

Why is the mistletoe ...

Why is the mistletoe hanging over the baggage counter? asked the airline passenger, amid the holiday rush.
The clerk replied, "It`s so you can kiss your luggage good-bye.

A man went to the ...

A man went to the airline counter.
The ticket agent asked:
"Sir, do you have reservations?"
He replied, "Reservations? Of course I have reservations, but I'm flying anyway."

Sunday, October 24, 2010

At the airport for a...

At the airport for a business trip, I settled down to wait for the boarding announcement at Gate 35. Then I heard the voice on the public address system saying, "We apologize for the inconvenience, but Delta Flight 570 will board from Gate 41."
So my family picked up our luggage and carried it over to Gate 41. Not ten minutes later the public address voice told us that Flight 570 would in fact be boarding from Gate 35.
So, again, we gathered our carry-on luggage and returned to the original gate. Just as we were settling down, the public address voice spoke again: "Thank you for participating in Delta's physical fitness program.

Three old pilots ...

Three old pilots are walking on the ramp. First one says, "Windy, isn`t it?
Second says, "No, its Thursday!
Third one says, "So am I. Lest go get a beer.